The Power Of Tai Chi By Douwe Geluk

The power of Tai Chi by Douwe Geluk
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Tai Chi Chuan or Tai Ji Quan is a very impressive Chinese internal martial art. The essence will be development in mind, body and spirit. The practise of Tai Chi has many health benefits and will create more control of daily living.

A good Tai Chi class in my opinion covers many aspects of Tai Chi and not solely form. Tai Chi has many subjects like: form, meditation, selfdefense, qi qong, pushing hands, weapons, tai chi boxing, qi tests and many others. The power of tai chi lies in being complete as possible.

If a person takes Tai Chi classes and get the whole training and practises many aspects then the progress will be better in al directions. I see it like a puzzle, the more you know the better you become at completeness. That for me is the power of tai chi.

Many tai chi teachers will let their students focus on the chi energy from the start on. My opinion is to not do that! I teach my students a form of movements first and when they can perform it without thinking about whats next, the ability to work with chi grows. That is the power of tai chi.

Practise Tai Chi, experience Tai Chi, feel Tai Chi, become Tai Chi, becoming Tai Chi is the power of Tai Chi.

Tai Chi Apeldoorn, the Netherland

Sifu Douwe Geluk 

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